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Sergei Magnitsky

Sergei Magnitsky

Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian lawyer and accountant tortured to death in jail for his professional activities against massive tax refund fraud by a criminal group that included some highly ranked Russian officials. Sergei’s friends initiated a campaign calling for justice and raised an intense international attention to the matter. As a result, the US Congress passed the Magnitsky bill and President Obama signed the law prohibiting the entry to their country for the involved Russian officials and their family members. Kremlin responded with¬†Dima Yakovlev Law that bans American citizens from adopting Russian orphans.

Now, Switzerland is about to freeze banking accounts of 60 officials from the Magnitsky list and Cyprus initiates a money laundering case against them.

The news is being widely discussed in Russian blogs and tweets today. Many are trying to predict the next riposte of the Russian government.

“Looks like the Swiss won’t be able to adopt anybody neither…” – avmalgin

“Obviously, we’re gonna hear from Onishchenko [Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia] in plain words that the Swiss knives are extremely dangerous.
I just don’t know what else we import from there.))”

“Wondering, what the State Duma will do next – ban Switzerland?” – Alexander Vissarov in Twitter

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